Sundews – Drosera Capensis


  • Sundews / Octopus Plants (Drosera Capensis)
  • The sundew plant gets its name from its long, tentacle-like leaves covered in sticky droplets that glisten in the sun like drops of dew.
  • Includes 1x plant with potting medium in 10cm plastic pot.
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Care Instruction for the Sundew Plant

  • Potting: Sundew / Octopus Plants (Drosera Capensis) grow well in smaller pots, so pick a pot that is a little bigger than your plant. It should have good drainage, and be made of plastic, glass or glazed ceramic, as clay or terracotta pots can leach minerals that are harmful to carnivorous plants.
  • Soil: Be sure to only use carnivorous plant potting medium to pot your Sundew. It is free of minerals and nutrients, and provides the good drainage necessary for carnivorous plants to thrive.
  • Sunlight: As proud South Africans, Sundews thrive in the local climate. During spring and winter, place them in a sunny spot that ideally gets a minimum 6 hours sunlight a day.
  • Watering: Sundews love water! During the growing season (spring and summer) make sure the soil is kept constantly wet. Water-logging is not a concern, so you can keep the pot sitting in a tray with a few centimetres of water, and water from the bottom. Make sure to use distilled or rainwater instead of tap water, which contains harmful minerals.
  • Feeding: Left outside, the Sundew will happily curl its tentacles around unsuspecting prey. If yours is an indoor plant (or just for fun) you can feed small ants or other live insects to your plant by carefully dropping them onto the leaf with a pair of tweezers. Be careful not to feed it very large bugs, and only feed it where you see beads of sticky gel on the tentacles. Sundews prefer live insects, but you can feed them dried flies or bloodworms (available at pet shops). One insect, once a week is enough to keep this little plant fed.
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