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Our story began years ago in our founder Jean Nel’s childhood. Jean discovered the fascinating world of plants that eat insects and he’s had a passion for them ever since. Years later, as an experienced businessman, Jean decided to share his passion with others. He built our online shop with the aim of providing high quality carnivorous plants to plant lovers across South Africa and Africa.

A Range of Carnivorous Plants

At HungryPlants.com you can find a wide range of carnivorous plants. Our plant catalogue ranges from the well-known Venus Flytrap, to the more exotic Monkey Cups (Nepenthes), North American pitcher plants (Sarracenia) and even our own native Sundews (Drosera). But new owners be warned – as experienced growers know, buying a hungry plant is likely to get you bitten by the carnivorous plant bug. Don’t be surprised to find yourself becoming addicted to these exotic plants, with their unique talents and clever tricks. We’re always on the lookout for new and exciting carnivorous plant species – so check back often to see our latest plant offerings.
Venus Flytraps
Octopus Plants / Sundews
Monkey Cups
Pitcher Plants

Accessible & Affordable Carnivorous Plants

Experience the wonder and unique beauty of carnivorous plants

At HungryPlants.com believe that every plant lover deserves to experience the wonder, complexity, and unique beauty of carnivorous plants. But we know that finding carnivorous plants in traditional nurseries can be difficult and expensive. This is why our goal is to make carnivorous plants accessible and affordable to everyone who wants to experience the thrill of growing these amazing plants.


“My kids just love their ‘Hungry Plants’! We’ve collected the whole set and it brings them endless pleasure inspecting their plants everyday to see if they’ve caught some prey.”

Celeste F.

“Fantastic customer service! Seamless order experience, my order was delivered ahead of schedule, plants were well packaged and in great condition. Highly recommend Hungry Plants!”

Ulrich P.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Carnivorous Plants Need Fertilizer?

Carnivorous plants generally don’t need to be fertilised as they obtain these nutrients from their prey.

What's the best spot to put my plant?

A sunny windowsill or outside in the sun will keep your carnivorous plant super happy & healthy.

How Often Should I Water My Plant?

Carnivorous plants love water and should not be left to dry out, check the soil, it should be moist but not wet before watering again. Carnivorous plants can be sensitive to minerals in tap water, so they prefer distilled or rainwater

Best Potting Medium for Carnivorous Plants?
Sphagnum peat moss and propagating sand.
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