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Carnivorous Plants Store

Don’t Worry, We Don’t Bite, But Our Plants Do!

We’re a home grown, proudly South African online carnivorous plants store. Our team of plant care experts is passionate about carnivorous plants and can’t wait to bring them to you, wherever you live in South Africa.


Venus Flytraps

Dionaea Muscipula





Monkey Cups


Carnivorous Plants

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Our collection includes plants with unique abilities and striking looks. Whether you’re a seasoned carnivorous plant enthusiast or curious about flowers with a serious appetite, browsing our selection to discover the wonder of these fascinating plants is the best way to get started.

Meet Our
Hungry Plants Family

Venus Flytraps

The most famous of carnivorous plants, the Flytrap is instantly recognizable for its toothy leaves that clamp shut on its prey in the blink of an eye!

Sundews / Octopus Plants

Like an octopus, the Sundew is surrounded by brightly coloured tentacles, each one coated in shimmering, sticky drops of sap that sparkle in the sun like drop of dew, giving this pretty plants its name.

Monkey Cups

The exotic looking Monkey Cups grow brightly coloured cups, each containing a sweet smelling nectar that lures its victim in before it falls to its doom.

Pitcher Plants

Pitcher plants’ beauty lies in their bright colours and unusually patterned leaves that shape themselves into champagne-like flutes.

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Bring the fascinating world of carnivorous plants into your home!

Carnivorous plants are remarkably easy to care for, and are perfect for those with no previous gardening experience, or little time to care for finicky plants.

Check out our plant care page for tips on how to care for your carnivorous plant, including what to feed them and how often.

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“My kids just love their ‘Hungry Plants’! We’ve collected the whole set and it brings them endless pleasure inspecting their plants everyday to see if they’ve caught some prey.”

Celeste F.

“Fantastic customer service! Seamless order experience, my order was delivered ahead of schedule, plants were well packaged and in great condition. Highly recommend Hungry Plants!”

Ulrich P.

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Carnivorous Plant Care Guide

At Hungry Plants we pride ourselves on providing healthy and robust plants, along with great advice and support to help you care for them. Like any other plant, carnivorous plants need water, light and nutrients to grow. However, these hardy plants evolved to survive in the most inhospitable of regions, where the soil lacked even basic nutrients. As a result, carnivorous plants learned to trap insects and other small creatures to obtain these minerals and nutrients from them, rather than the barren soil.

They don’t need to be fertilised as they obtain nutrients from their prey

They're sensitive to minerals in tap water, so they prefer distilled or rainwater

They will feed themselves if left outside or on a sunny windowsill


Frequently Asked Questions

Do Carnivorous Plants Need Fertilizer?

Carnivorous plants generally don’t need to be fertilised as they obtain these nutrients from their prey.

What's the best spot to put my plant?

A sunny windowsill or outside in the sun will keep your carnivorous plant super happy & healthy.

How Often Should I Water My Plant?

Carnivorous plants love water and should not be left to dry out, check the soil, it should be moist but not wet before watering again. Carnivorous plants can be sensitive to minerals in tap water, so they prefer distilled or rainwater

Best Potting Medium for Carnivorous Plants?
Sphagnum peat moss and propagating sand.
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